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Advanced Cable & Communication, Inc. was established in 2000 by founders who have over 80 years of Telecommunications and IT experience.  AC&C is committed to providing voice/data cabling and voice management solutions to customers who demand the highest level of integrity, quality and satisfaction second to none.

As the years have passed with constant innovations in technology, AC&C has strived to stay ahead by aligning ourselves with leading edge manufacturers, developers and organizations that offer the choices our customers have long sought.  AC&C employees have the know-how and the certifications to install custom networks and communications solutions.

One of the main reasons AC&C has maintained a constant growth pattern, is our commitment to the customer.  By maintaining our certifications in our arenas of business, we remain current in technology and proactively consult our customers.  We do not view our customers as clients.  We see them as partners.  By delivering solutions that make sense for all parties, we create a bond between ourselves and our partners.

After  research and work with our partners, we have found it is most beneficial to provide a "turn-key" solution to our clients.  In today's IT environment, having a single point of accountability is essential to network reliability.  AC&C strives to provide that accountability.




Cabling Services

Cable is the basis of all networks. If not installed correctly, it can create an IT nightmare.  AC&C has the experience and partnerships that will maximize your network infrastructure.

Certified Installers of these quality product lines:
Panduit/ General
Berk-Tek / Leviton
Essex/ Ortronics

Cabling Services: 
∙  Certified Installers of Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat6A and Cat7 cable for voice and data applications
∙  Design and engineer cabling infrastructure
∙  Fiber optic backbone cabling
∙  Fiber to the desk
∙  CCTV cabling
∙  Audio/Visual cabling
∙  Multiple pair backbone cabling
∙  Demolition and removal of old low voltage cabling


Riser Systems


With government deregulation of the Telecommunications industry, certain responsibilities have fallen to the commercial real estate owner.  Under today’s law, the building is responsible for all voice and data cabling infrastructure.  This means management of a resource that can get out of hand quickly, considering that each tenant may have their own cabling vendor who follows their own methods.  If left unchecked, non-structured / non-standardized cabling installations can lead to any of the following issues:

∙  Service Interruption – Unscheduled vendors performing work in a building riser closet can disrupt telephone and/or WAN service to long-standing tenants, if the building layout is not understood.

∙  Inadequate Facilities – New tenants may be delayed in establishing phone service, due to lack of cable availability at the MPOE (Minimum Point of Entry). This is the point where the building’s responsibility for communication cable begins.  If there are no available wires to run service up to the tenant’s floor, then voice/data services will be delayed.

∙  Building Code Violations – Previous tenants could leave behind unused cable runs through fire rated walls, thus requiring removal to keep up to current building standards.

Advanced Cable & Communications offers our riser management service, to solve this problem.  Providing a single point of accountability, we partner with owners and managers to implement standards for their riser systems.  All while meeting the needs of their tenants.

Additional Services...


• Sound Masking

• Consulting Design Build

• Data Center Design and implementation

• Network/LAN services

• Paging Systems

• Office system relocation services

• 24 hour emergency service